10 Holly Jolly Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays is hectic, especially when you have young children. I have spent many holidays as a nanny traveling with families. Preparation is key and in my article for MORE, I have listed ways to help get you ready for the trip with your loved ones. Enjoy my "10 holly jolly travel tips" and make lots of memories with your family.

Over the river and through the woods to wherever you may be headed this holiday, it's important to be prepared for the trip, particularly if you have children. Whether you're going out of town on a skiing trip, venturing to a warm island or heading to grandma's house, traveling as a family can be one of the best parts of the experience. If your children are new to traveling, the key thing to remember is to have a good time so you're setting the right tone for this trip and future travel.

Traveling as a family can be lots of fun, but the process can be complicated. Include the holidays as part of the equation and the pressure builds. As a nanny for over two decades, I have figured out many tips to lessen the load -- bags and stress included. Like anything else, the more prepared you are the easier it will be. It's much better making holiday memories instead of scrambling to make your flight. I’m going to show you how to bring "clam to the chaos" of traveling with your family over this holiday. The day you're scheduled to leave is just around the corner, so let's get prepared together with my 10 holly jolly travel tips:

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