5 Home Remedies For Babies

We live in a world where we are bombarded with all types of over the counter medicines and remedies for babies. That is a good thing. However, there are many remedies that you can use from your own kitchen that will end the issue and ease your worry about what’s in the product.

Here are some typical everyday ailments that can affect a growing baby and some remedies that will help your child get better and bring you peace of mind.

1. Acne: It is normal for a baby to get acne. Never pop them. Just use a warm washcloth to wash the face. Gently pat and never rub.

2. Dry Skin: This is from your baby being in water all the time. Now that they are out of the womb, you will find your baby’s skin to be dry and flaky. Don’t use soap all over the body, just in the diaper area. After washing the baby, use a tad bit of coconut oil to keep their skin looking fresh and supple.

3. Ingrown Finger and Toe Nails: Allow the toe nails to grow out, but use a baby emery board to keep the nails dull.

4. Diaper Rash: Wash your baby’s bottom area with warm water and pat dry. Leave them without a diaper so the air can help do some healing. The air allows the skin to heal because it is not closed into the moisture of a diaper. Once you put the diaper back, use a diaper ointment that will help the healing process. 

5. Cradle Cap: Wash the hair using a very soft brush to massage the scalp. After drying the hair, use a tad bit of olive oil on the scalp. It will help to soften the cradle cap. After one week of this method the cradle cap should disappear.  

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