5 Tips For Cultivating A Calm Quarantine Home

Having to take care of a newborn is enough to throw any household into what may feel like a constant state of stress and panic. Adding a pandemic onto that mix means that finding a moment of peace can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. It’s difficult to cultivate an atmosphere of peace in the house, but here are five tips to get you one step closer. 


Establish a Place of Peace

Whether it’s a corner of your kitchen or the bedroom closet, set up a place where you can go to take a moment for yourself. This is a place that is dedicated to your peace. Set up things in and around this space that give you a sense of peace or joy. 


Create A Ritual To Recenter

Breathing exercises, quick meditations, and grounding practices can all help you come back to your foundation within a few minutes. You can even do them in the bathroom if there isn’t another place to escape. Tough times call for creative measures. 


Schedule Time Alone

Nobody pushes off their doctor’s appointments because they’re too busy, but often we neglect our self-care time because we don’t view it as essential. However, when we neglect our self-care, the damage shows up in ways that aren’t as obvious. Schedule time for your own self-care, and honor the time commitment you make to yourself. 


Allow Yourself To Fully Experience Your Emotions

Many times we bottle up our feelings until our bodies can no longer hold the tension in, and then we melt down. Your cortisol levels shoot up when you’re stressed, and they need somewhere to go. Whether it’s doing a quick workout or shouting into a pillow, let it all out for a few minutes. You’d be surprised at how much better it’ll make you feel. 


Utilize Aromatherapy Or Sound Therapy

When you don’t have time to go somewhere peaceful, you can bring a peaceful atmosphere to you through relaxing music or essential oils. Be sure to research essential oils that are safe to use around children and/or animals. An inspiring soundtrack can change your experience changing a diaper from one of dread to one of inspiration. You’re the star of this show, so play your favorite music.

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