7 Habits Parents Should Not Start

Many new parents find it easier going back to old habits when their baby arrives.  This usually does not work and creates more difficulties.  My latest article for The Huffington Post details "7 Habits Parents Should Not Start." Find out what they are here:

New parents usually start out not knowing what to do. They find it easier to go back to their old ways of living life before their baby arrived. These choices often don't work once they have children and make life more difficult for the whole household. Raising a family is lots of fun, even on the worst days. And on those days, you can still find enjoyment too. I think that when parents use their instincts along with knowledge from experts, it helps them to become confident. Here are seven habits that parents should not start so their parenting journey is one of ease. 

1. Micromanaging Others: Not everyone is going to do things exactly like you do when they're helping. But when you do let others help you, let them do it without feeling like you're looking over their shoulder.

2. Ignoring Help: Some parents do not have any clue that they need help. An unfortunate sign that will let you know that you do need some assistance is when you begin to feel burned out. Ask for help because otherwise it's going to lead to complete exhaustion. 

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