Bringing Calm to Your Overactive Children

Usually from eighteen months to two years, you will notice if you have an overactive child. This is something that can certainly alter the calm vibe of your household. How do you handle this? There are different ways to calm your child down as well as keep him or her more grounded, so don't get stressed.

Here are eight easy ways that will help give the situation some relief and add more structure to your child’s life.  

1) Set a Schedule: Let your child know that the home is not a free-for-all. Make a schedule for play time, reading time, etc. A schedule will help add structure to a hyperactive child’s life.

2) Convey Your Disapproval: Many people say you should not say "no" to children. I think it's necessary to convey your disapproval of their unruly actions without actually using the word no. Use other uplifting words. Your child will think twice about running around and acting unruly if they know you will not approve and will voice it to them in private and public. 

3) Avoid Sugar: Regulate your child’s sugar intake. Sweets are not a good thing in a hyperactive child’s life. Less sugar equals a more relaxed child.

4) Talk With Their Teacher: Let your child’s teacher know that he or she is hyperactive (if they're not aware already). Ask them to be in communication with you about what they eat and how they interact with other children. 

5) Keep Busy: Have them learn a new skill like playing the piano or swimming.  This will keep them busy as well as help burn off some of that extra energy.

6) Calming Beverages: Serve your child calming and healthy beverages like chamomile iced tea (as done in the picture above). Add fresh mint. This tastes great and hopefully will keep them a bit calmer. 

7) Noise Levels: Keep the noise levels down in your household. A serene atmosphere will set the right tone.  

8) One-on-One Playdates: For a while, try to keep the playdates to one-on-one.  Hyperactive children can fight and grab sometimes. With just two kids, you can supervise your child more efficiently. 

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