The Call Of A Child

What Is a dad to a child?

To a child...Dad, Papa, Father, Daddy, or whatever name he goes by means – a parent who loves me and always will. A dad is a protector, a teacher, a provider, and an adviser. As a child grows, they know dad will always keep his word.

I would like to see dads in our communities and beyond become more conscious of all their children, even the grown ones. They can be a listening ear as their kids navigate life and with a father’s experiences, he can be there to cheer them on as they succeed. When they fall, he can help them find the strength to stand again. 

Only when a dad leaves this earth is when his work is over. So Dads, become a master in multitasking and keep making quality time for your kids. If you are not living at home with them, do not forget you have offsprings. Your influence can help create the people they grow up to be. If you tell your child you are coming to visit or take them for the weekend...please show up. That teaches trust, respect, and accountability.

If you tell your child, “I love you, you are a great kid” helps build their self-esteem and love for themselves, you, and others. In this way, no one new can come in the disguise of love and exploit your child. Prepare them from home for their outer circle. A mom cannot do everything as a parent.

If you take your child out for an activity, to a restaurant, a play, or a trip to somewhere new...that teaches them to have a keen sense of adventure and wonder. 

If you play with them, throw a ball, ride a bike, watch a game, come to their events, or show up to meet their all will create great moments and lifelong memories together. 

If you banish the rough spots between your ex for the sake of your are showing your child how to forgive and still do what's right in the name of God and family.

Did I mention child support yet? No. Why? Child support for many of us single moms would mean all that is mentioned above because as mothers we have to make all ends meet as best we can to take care of our children 24/7. And not to mention I did not ask about money. I am asking dads to help create the community their kids wish to live in. 

Today is not only about the boxes of gifts that you get to open, but also the gift giver before you. Your children come into your life so they, too, can shape you into the best of you.

So Dads! For those of you that are doing a great job, kudos to you! And for the ones who can realize now that they should make the choice to step their game up, I would like you to know that these kind acts towards your children and more will be the greatest contributions of your life. At the end of all life's hooplas, you will have so much love to receive in a time when consciousness will be your best friend. Do not let it be too late!

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