Is Colic Knocking at the Door? How Parents Can Tell

My latest ‪parenting article for The Huffington Post offers advice and relief for #colic‬. I hope you find my tips helpful!

Most parents dread the thought of their child having colic. I have witnessed on many occasions how the fear of colic can be very stressful for parents. Fear no more because colic can be considered part of the growing process of your baby and all of the extra worry will not help your family feel better.

In the first stages of every baby's life, there is much to be concerned about. If your child has excessive tummy aches there is relief in store. Colic usually begins anywhere from the third week onward in a baby's life. Keep in mind that colic is not the only reason a baby cries. For example, what someone may think is colic has turned out to be a hernia, acid reflux or even hunger. When a parent is unsure, it's always good to first consult your pediatrician. You can't just say that it's colic, so get a diagnosis from your doctor.

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