Greg Lauren To Daddy Rescue

When a mom is pregnant, she is so very sensitive to scents. She can feel nauseous when she picks up different odors. Greg Lauren's new unisex fragrance called "Greg Lauren" has such a loving tone to the smell. You feel warm and cuddly. It's like saying, "Can you feel the love?" You can feel all of the love that Greg put into his work. It has a refreshing smell that is not heavy and the right ingredients that will agree with mommy's nose.  A pregnant mom will be able to enjoy her husband using this scent.

I have been wearing this fragrance within the circles of pregnant women.  They get excited about the smell and have all asked me what I am using. Of course this fragrance is great for anyone. But I highly recommend that dads should wear this more so during their wife's pregnancy.

Here is more information about this product. 

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