Honest For Everyone

With over three decades of working with babies, I’ve seen and tested every baby product known to man. There are scents in almost all of the products. They can be an irritant to the baby, giving them skin rashes and watery eyes. The child may keep sneezing, but sometimes the parent does not know why because their child can't communicate that it’s from the products. 

Then came The Honest Company. They have set parents at ease with their all natural and organic ingredients that are soothing for babies and even adults.  My client introduced me to Honest and I can honestly say that I love using their products myself.  They are soothing, calming and mild.  I like their body wash, baby oil and hand sanitizers. Their baby wipes are the best ones I have come across. And the packaging is sexy!  I am very grateful to this company for their sensibility to smart skin-driven products.   

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