How to Not Need a Vacation After a Family Vacation

Looking forward to max out the fun with much ease during your summer family vacation? Read my latest article for The Huffington Post and have a wonderful trip!

With a vacation ahead, parents and children are excited as they look forward to the day they depart for their new adventure. A family vacation is all about having fun, relaxing, and exploring new places and cultures. However, with a lack of preparation and structure, parents can easily find themselves needing a vacation as soon as they arrive home.

Much of my work as a nanny has included traveling the world with families. It's important to be structured so your holiday doesn't become stressful. Many parents are not thinking about a vacation sleep schedule for their kids and organization overall. When this doesn't happen, you can feel so exhausted when you get back to your daily grind that you need another vacation. Below are some ideas that can get you through the family trip in a fun way so you reminisce on what a good time you had.

Organize Clothes

You can spend a lot of time on your vacation figuring out what clothes belong to which child. Organize their clothing by labeling each item beforehand. When you get back home, you also don't want to be overwhelmed with a lot of laundry. It can be costly to clean clothes at the hotel. So recycle certain clothing like shorts or swimsuits by having the kids re-wear them as long as they are not dirty or muddy.

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