How to Survive Summer With a New Baby and a Full House

This week, I felt the need to remind moms that while the kids are home on summer vacation to be mindful of the importance of not getting overrun by chores and a noisy household. Don't forget to take some time to care for your needs as well. I hope all readers here can find a few gems in my latest article that will be helpful to having a fun summer. 

With a new baby and her children home from school on summer vacation, Mom will be trying to catch some time in the day to care for herself as she cares for everyone else. Family life is fun, but is a huge undertaking. That said, being responsible for your children day in and day out and still finding a moment for yourself can be done without having daily burnouts.

There are so many choices of activities in a child's world today that a mother can become confused as to how to schedule her family's summer afternoons. Having worked many years for families with school-age kids and a new baby, I've realized that structure in everyday life will help a mom avoid extra stress. I am going to give you some helpful tips to create the summer you wish to enjoy while caring for your family and yourself too.

Be Focused

The school year requires a different way of planning because you have some downtime in the afternoon for errands.When the kids are home from school, it changes the daily lifestyle. You will be exhausted by the middle of August if you don't make a summer plan for your family. Knowing that the next couple of months can be full of beautiful moments and great memories, be focused and avoid problems before they arise.

Be Prepared

Prepare bins of summer outdoor toys and summer clothes for everyone. Keep your workload simple by having extra sunblock, towels, and disposable utensils, plates, and cups available to your kids. Buy snacks and beverages in bulk.

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