Mommy Prepares For Tomorrow

Many moms have busy and tough days at work. When they come home they need to take care of their family and themselves. If they don’t have things in place, it can lead to a physical breakdown.  

I help moms who are already exhausted to work hard and change their state of mind, even in the most tired time of night. After everyone goes down for bed, you also feel like falling asleep. You need to get up!  First, stretch for two minutes.  Then, do jumping jacks for two minutes. Once you have completed both exercises, have a glass of water. This will get you energized to straighten-up the kitchen as well as lay out your clothes and your family’s clothes for tomorrow. Lastly, take a shower. Then, go to bed and there will be enough energy to kiss your loved one good night.

Taking this extra half hour at the end of your day before bed will save you the frustration in the morning of all the things awaiting you when you get up. You will feel good to know where everything is because organization will get you through.  If you do this on a daily basis it will become part of your day that you look forward to. It’s good practice and will help save your sanity.        

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