A Mom's World Without a Man

There are many women forging ahead to raise children on their own and are very happy they decided to start a family. I offer my insight and advice on single motherhood in my new article "A Mom's World Without a Man" for the The Huffington Post. Here's the piece:

Long gone are the days for many when love and marriage were easily a dream come true. Now many people lead very busy lives and therefore work can take precedence over a love relationship as well as other important life factors. This explains why it seems to be difficult for a woman to pair up with a man to marry and raise a family.

Many women have worked hard to reach their present professional level. When you have been married to your job and then the quest for a family begins, you can't expect it to happen instantly. Years can go by as you only meet partners who do not work out for one reason or another -- he lives 20 states away; he's separated, but still married; he has children and cannot support a new family; and the list goes on.

So what is a woman to do? This is what women I know have done. They decided to cut to the chase and stop wasting their own valuable time. After thinking long and hard, they start their quest to become a single parent. Regardless of how difficult it can be for one person to raise children, a strong woman knows that she can do it and she does!

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