New Dads Bonding With Babies

For dads who do not feel connected to their newborn baby, I would say that this is a fairly common situation. Sometimes it takes a while before he can feel that connection with his newborn. These feelings can bring about some insecurity, but it can be temporary. Keep in mind that you are new to the parenting world and because you are not equipped yet with all the information that you need to take care of your baby and yourself, be patient and know that you will get there.

Tips to get started bonding with your baby.

1. The best time to get started bonding with your new baby is when your baby is in the womb. You can rub mommy's tummy, sing to the baby, and play all genres of music. Explain to your baby what genre they’re listening to. By doing this, your baby is going to recognize your voice when they are born into the world. When your baby is having uptime, interact by reading books, singing the alphabet, counting from one to ten, and any other playful ideas you want to add to the mix. 

2. While you change your baby’s diaper, you want to speak softly and let your baby know what’s going on. When you’re done, hold your baby upright as you walk back and forth in the room while softly whispering the words you would like them to hear. Your communication to your child is very important for growth and recognition.

3. Bonding during feeding time is a very good way to show that you love and care. One of the best ways to physically bond is having dad and baby do skin-to-skin cuddling. This is where dad puts the baby on his shirtless chest, and as he cuddles the baby for a while, his child will be getting used to his scent, sound, warmth, and love. This is also great practice to develop trust. As they grow up, they will feel safe to come to dad when something is wrong because of the trust that they have developed along the way.

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