Princesses Go Through The Same As All New Mothers

It’s six weeks since Princess Meghan Markle gave birth to her little Prince Archie and for all the new moms of the world who would say that she has all that help at her beckon call, let's process that theory. My take is she has help with housework, personal assistant to keep appointments straight, and so on. But there are things that only a new mom must to do for herself, and this is where I say all moms are in the same boat at the onset of motherhood. Just like you, Princess Meagan has to find balance in the early days with her new baby while still tending to her husband's needs. Knowing the importance of being a new mother as well as nurturing a new marriage there are little things she has to do to keep the sparks lit while still recovering herself from pregnancy and working through the confusion of the newness.

New moms need to refill their cup during the recharging process after giving birth. By this I mean getting back to that place of feeling whole again. Reconnecting with your spirituality, becoming physically strong again, and mentally preparing for your experience as a new parent are all best steps to creating the life you imagined. While this is happening and you are preparing to come back stronger, in preparation for your wellness, here are some helpful tips for your daily life.

Tips Mommy Shouldn't Live Without

  • Alone time to reflect and be grateful for life as is.
  • Eat small amounts of food high in nutrition. Drink lots of fluids. This helps your milk supply.
  • Start with walking in place in the house for ten minutes twice a day. It helps to beat the blues.
  • Journal your experiences so you can look back and see how far you've come.
  • You want to connect with friends that support what you are going through. The rest leave for later when you are feeling much stronger. This helps your confidence.
  • If ever you feel down don't wait. Call your doctor or close friend or family member who has gone through this experience to talk about how you are feeling and be fully truthful. 
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