Pumping as you go!

As a new breastfeeding mom, going out to do errands while someone is lending you a hand at home with the baby can be very exciting. Since this is all new to you, it is easy to not even think you might need to pump, let alone, take a breast pump with you. When you end up getting delayed, due to grocery lines, traffic, or needing to make an urgent phone call, before you know it your breast is on fire and you are needing to pump.  What is a mum to do?


Here are some notes to help you to get relief on the road…


  1. Always pack up your pump and leave it at hand when you are going out, in case the time arrises and you need to use it.
  2.  Be sure to  pack two bottles along with all the parts that will enable you to do so. Remember to take along a breast cover for pumping privacy and caps to cover bottles of milk.
  3.  A pump charger or electrical cord is a must in case your pump needs to be charged.
  4.  Your breast milk must be kept cool, to do this a advise you take an ice pack in a cool bag with you.
  5.  Once home, unpack your milk and place it in the  fridge, this way you will have an easier time leaving your home knowing you are building new mummy confidence.



  •  Freshly expressed breast milk can be stored at just under room temperature for 4-6 hours!
  • I recommend that you use any breast milk that has been refrigerated with in 48 hours. 
  • You can freeze your breast milk. You will need to use the correct (breast milk) freezer bags, available from your nearest pump supplier making sure they are properly sealed. They may be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.   


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