Traveling Tips For Familes

Spring break for kids is here! This is probably the first opportunity for a family vacation since the beginning of the year. And with the winter most of you just had, you're probably looking forward to taking the family on a trip someplace warm. If you're heading out of town now or for the upcoming Easter or Passover holidays, some of my travel tips for More Magazine may help.

1) Make a Check-List: Take the time to make a list of all of the things you will need to pack for your family. This will save you time later. Your kids made a list for Christmas, and just like Santa you should check your list twice before you leave. Remember to pack lightly and bring only the articles necessary for your trip. Depending on your destination, pack accordingly.

2) Warm Vibes:You don’t want your children to get sick at the start of the trip. Even if you are going from a warm weather climate locale to another, pack a sweater or sweatshirt for each child for the plane ride. They tend to pump the air conditioning on flights, so having a sweater handy can make a big difference. And remember to put it in their carry-on bag and not the regular luggage you check-in.

3) Don’t Be Mr. & Mrs. Gadget:The more gadgets you bring the better chance your kids have of losing them. A lost iPod here, a Kindle left behind there and it becomes a costly and stressful trip. I suggest minimizing the number of gadgets, books, games, etc. Not to mention, baggage weight can be costly. Packing light is the right way to go.

4) Door to Door:You want to be on time for take-off, so the night before you leave have the family’s luggage next to your front door. This way you won’t forget anything when you're rushing around to leave the day of the flight. Also, go over the check-list that you already made. Make sure you have all passports and ID's for your family.

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