It’s six weeks since Princess Meghan Markle gave birth to her little Prince Archie and for all the new moms of the world who would say that she has all that help at her beckon call, let's process that theory. My take is she has help with housework, personal assistant to keep appointments straight, and so on. But there are things that only a new... Read More

As a new breastfeeding mom, going out to do errands while someone is lending you a hand at home with the baby can be very exciting. Since this is all new to you, it is easy to not even think you might need to pump, let alone, take a breast pump with you. When you end up getting delayed, due to grocery lines, traffic, or needing to make an... Read More

Though the California air doesn’t take on the brisk note it does in NY which signifies the beginning of fall, the pumpkin spiced everything that makes its way to store shelves gives us Angelenos the cue that the season has changed.

Out are the dog days of summer with evenings spent letting the kids run wild, left to the wiles of their... Read More

We live in a world where we are bombarded with all types of over the counter medicines and remedies for babies. That is a good thing. However, there are many remedies that you can use from your own kitchen that will end the issue and ease your worry about what’s in the product.

Here are some typical everyday ailments that can affect a... Read More

This Mother's Day the best gift you can give yourself - and your family - is accepting some help. I hope you enjoy my article for The Bump and please share it with other moms!

“No, I got it,” is a common phrase used by moms on Mother’s Day when family and friends try to help. In fact, many moms have said to... Read More

Growing up in the Caribbean, coconut water was our main soft drink. I had my first coconut when I was about two years old. We drank them daily. The coconut jelly was our Jell-O. I love coconuts till this day. When I go back to the Caribbean it is the first thing I want to drink. There is always fresh coconut water there.

Coconuts are... Read More

When you travel with your children, you are raising them in a well-rounded way. Kids today want to see the world. To enhance a child’s adventurous spirit, introduce them to foods from different cultures. Spices and flavors are a big part of foreign cuisine. It is great to make them a part of your children’s meals from a young age. 

For... Read More

Breakfast sets the energy-boosting tone for the day of a busy mom. Most women are not breakfast eaters because there is not enough time in the morning. You want to make the time to have a nutritious healthy meal so you do not age rapidly. Keep a healthy glow. 

This Momlette is an easy, breezy fix-it meal, while at the same time light and... Read More

Usually from eighteen months to two years, you will notice if you have an overactive child. This is something that can certainly alter the calm vibe of your household. How do you handle this? There are different ways to calm your child down as well as keep him or her more grounded, so don't get stressed.

Here are eight easy ways that... Read More

Self-care is self-love - my 15 tips for The Huffington Post wil help moms stay in charge of their daily lives.  

Generations of women have been taught to take care of their families first and it has allowed for the desertion of mom. One day she wakes up and realizes that she is losing her identity. You want to do the right things for... Read More


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