My latest article for The Huffington Post offers 6 steps for moms to find time in their day for mommy care. I hope you enjoy the article and please share it with other moms!: 

In today's fast-paced world, mothers are facing new daily challenges all the time. From morning to night, she is on-call for her family. A mom has a keen sense... Read More

Happy New Year! My first article in 2015 is "Own Your Mother Power" for The Huffington Post. I hope you find it helpful and feel encouraged!:

The new year means so many different things to many people. In 2015 and beyond, I would like to help moms own their mother power. Starting a family is an incredibly big deal and mothers across... Read More

My latest article for the Huffington Post "Being Out and About As a Family" offers suggestions on how to be more conscious of your family's behavior when you are out in the world. Here are my tips:

It is very refreshing to wake up each day and be a family as you like. Being in your own space gives you a certain freedom to live out... Read More

Many new parents find it easier going back to old habits when their baby arrives.  This usually does not work and creates more difficulties.  My latest article for The Huffington Post details "7 Habits Parents Should Not Start." Find out what they are here:

New parents usually start out not knowing what to do. They find it easier to... Read More

With Mother's Day right around the corner, Ellen DeGeneres is doing something quite amazing. She's offering expectant military moms in the Los Angeles area an opportunity to appear on her show. This will be a fun event and a one-of-a-kind experience for these military moms. When Ellen believes in something she goes all out and I know she will... Read More

Spring break for kids is here! This is probably the first opportunity for a family vacation since the beginning of the year. And with the winter most of you just had, you're probably looking forward to taking the family on a trip someplace warm. If you're heading out of town now or for the upcoming Easter or Passover holidays, some of my travel... Read More

There are many women forging ahead to raise children on their own and are very happy they decided to start a family. I offer my insight and advice on single motherhood in my new article "A Mom's World Without a Man" for the The Huffington Post. Here's the piece:

Long gone are the days for many when love and marriage were easily a... Read More

When a mom is pregnant, she is so very sensitive to scents. She can feel nauseous when she picks up different odors. Greg Lauren's new unisex fragrance called "Greg Lauren" has such a loving tone to the smell. You feel warm and cuddly. It's like saying, "Can you feel the love?" You can feel all of the love that Greg put into his work. It... Read More

With over three decades of working with babies, I’ve seen and tested every baby product known to man. There are scents in almost all of the products. They can be an irritant to the baby, giving them skin rashes and watery eyes. The child may keep sneezing, but sometimes the parent does not know why because their child can't communicate that it’... Read More

Many moms have busy and tough days at work. When they come home they need to take care of their family and themselves. If they don’t have things in place, it can lead to a physical breakdown.  

I help moms who are already exhausted to work hard and change their state of mind, even in the most tired time of night.... Read More


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