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Marva Soogrim, world-renowned nanny to the stars, brings us unique baby care products she has designed from 35 years of experience with her unique "whole family" approach to caring for newborns. Her products are innovative, sustainable, organic, and elevate the parent-child experience in any family.

"I believe that I was brought into this world to do this work and share my gift with others so that they, too, can realize the peace and joy of parenthood."

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"Marva was like an angel to us. To have such a knowledgable and loving person guide us through the most sensitive and vulnerable time of our parenting lives was truly a gift. She taught us with such ease and grace and set us on the path of comfort and security. We will forever be thankful for her deep understanding of the intricacies of early child growth and the love it takes to raise a healthy baby. Thank you Marva." — Courteney Cox and David Arquette

"We loved Marva. She is an angel. Marva is a walking reference book on what to expect with a newborn. But, most importantly, she loves her babies!" — Sheryl Crow

"Sleep can be hard to come by when you have a new baby. Marva's baby tips were useful for my family and will be I hope, for yours as well." — Laura Dern

"As a single mom, Marva really helped me with her extreme depth of knowledge of newborns. Her calm demeanor helped soothe my anxiety as a new mother." — Kristin Davis

"I love the way Marva cares for babies and their families. I've known her for many years, with many different families and in many unique situations. I trust Marva: Her graceful loving manner helping parents avoid problems, solve problems and live life to the fullest!" — Dr. Jay Gordon

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