"Marva was like an angel to us. To have such a knowledgeable and loving person guide us through the most sensitive and vulnerable time of our parenting lives was truly a gift. She taught us with such ease and grace and set us on the path of comfort and security. We will forever be thankful for her deep understanding of the intricacies of early child growth and the love it takes to raise a healthy baby. Thank you Marva."

Courteney Cox and David Arquette


"Marva's calm, gentle advice and assurance have helped me earn my own strong angel mama wings...her practical and magical wisdom has unearthed my own confidence, joy and sense of adventure in my parenting. Her amazing offerings are wrapped in consciousness, love, grounding, health, healing, transformation and tangible tools that both birth the most beautiful aspects of a new mama, but of course transfer to the beloved baby who will be greeted with the love and awareness it so deserves for a blessed life."

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren


“We loved Marva. She is an angel. Marva is a walking reference book on what to expect with a newborn. But, most importantly, she loves her babies!”

Sheryl Crow


“Sleep can be hard to come by when you have a new baby. Marva's baby tips were useful for my family and will be I hope, for yours as well.”

Laura Dern


“Holding a baby usually scares me and makes me nervous, but once I sat down with Marvalous Marva my fears went away. The first time I met Marva she put the baby on me for two to three hours while she was cooking. I was terrified inside, losing it with fear. Marva knew in her heart I would be ok. She has an almost hypnotic sense about her and leaves you assured that you can do it! I was shook."

Pat McGrath


"As a single mom, Marva really helped me with her extreme depth of knowledge of newborns. Her calm demeanor helped soothe my anxiety as a new mother."

Kristin Davis


“I love the way Marva cares for babies and their families. I've known her for many years, with many different families and in many unique situations. I trust Marva: Her graceful loving manner helping parents avoid problems, solve problems and live life to the fullest!”

Dr. Jay Gordon


"What can I say about the woman who was by my side for the first few years of my life? And no, mom, I am not talking about you! With no nanny experience at that time other than being a mom herself, Marva was welcomed into my family to help take care of my sister and me. My parents must have seen something special in her as they quickly entrusted her with all that was important to them. Marva fit in perfectly and would take me for daily walks to the park, host rubber ducky time in the bathtub, and chase me around the house in nothing but my birthday suit!

Thirty years later, I was fortunate enough to witness Marva's miracles through the eyes of an adult when she came to look after my newborn daughter. She shared some of her memories of me as a child. She told me about the first time she changed my diaper and how exhilarated I must have felt because I instantly relieved myself in her direction! Well, she went on to say that at that moment, she knew this was the right path for her. She told me how she felt blessed to have the opportunity to care for and give so much love to children, as well as bringing a sense of calm to their families."

Ari D


"Marva radiated positive energy. She never let cranky children stand in her way. Brisk walks outside, good food, singing and playing, were her remedies that usually worked.

I remember being impressed with Marva’s sense of good will. She always seemed to operate from a place of integrity and compassion. Sometimes on her days off, she went to a hospital and held AIDS babies, singing to them and cuddling them. She garnered her faith and energy to love those babies generously. She didn’t care what their circumstances were, they were babies and she was bursting with love.

My son was “her first baby” in the States, and his daughter is now “her first granddaughter”. Marva’s generosity and guidance have been invaluable to the peaceful home that my children have created for their child. I am so very grateful to her for that. Babies are pure potential, and Marvalous Marva will influence a new generation in the most beautiful way through her peaceful and loving guidance and respect for the sanctity of the family."

Ellie D


"Marva is truly marvelous in every sense of the word. She is amazing with babies and parents – knowledgeable, intuitive, caring and a natural teacher. When she came to help me with my fourth child, I had no idea how much there still was to learn about caring for a baby. She knows how to get a baby on a schedule that helps them feel secure and happy and that makes the whole family’s transition to a new member with ease.

When the baby first came home from the hospital, she was having trouble breast-feeding and began to lose weight. Marva knew right away how to help me and how to help the baby. I am forever grateful. Any question or problem that I have in regard to baby care from breastfeeding to teething to the best tummy time toys, Marva is there with encyclopedic knowledge and useful and easy to follow advice. Her deep understanding and thirty years of experience is truly amazing and invaluable. She also has an amazing knack for knowing how to help foster bonding time with the baby and the whole family. She has helped my three older children bond with the baby and feel like they have a special relationship with their new sister."

Margaret H


“Marva was absolutely great with the kids. I can especially remember being in their room when Larry took his very first steps. I think Marva was even happier than I was - she had this huge grin on her face and said ‘Look at that.’ Twins are not easy, but her expertise and personality really lightened the stress that went with those times. Very, very fond memories.”

Bob W


"HI MARVA!! I loved meeting you today!! I called my husband on the way home and was like... "OK... we're starting fresh... each boy gets special time, and so do we!" Today is the beginning of a new ME as MOM. And I thank you for that. Thank you, thank you! I was so happy to have met you this afternoon! I'm attaching a photo of my brood of men! 😉 And thanks for chatting with my mother... we all just adored you!"


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