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The newness of parenting is exciting and life-changing with many unanswered questions and unknowns. My experience from 40+ years of newborn/mommy care work can speak to any part of your journey. If you are birthing a baby, using surrogacy, adopting or any other method to start your family, this is my opportunity to serve you as a new parent through my Marvalous Parent Chats.

The Marvalous Parent Chat service will not only help you to connect with your baby, but it will encourage you to keep up your own self-care. There are challenges with newborns that I can coach you through so you are more equipped to handle the pitfalls when they surprise you. It will be easier for you to navigate some of the toughest parts of the first twelve weeks as you take control of your parenting decisions going forward. It’s like starting on a tricycle and ending on a bicycle.

I assure you that after the first chat you will immediately feel more confident. This will be a gift to yourself that allows you to let go of your fears and embrace your new parenting experiences! Are you ready to begin your Marvalous Parent Chat? Let’s get started!

Chat Session

90 Minute Session


This chat session is perfect for
getting started with answering
any questions you might have.
The chat includes advice on
nursery must-haves, feeding,
sleeping, scheduling, self-care
and much more.

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