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Taking care of babies came naturally for me. I was born into a family of eleven and already had children of my own when I started working as a nanny. As a child, I saw my mom multitask and not be too phased by outside distractions as she cared for us. I thought the way she handled herself was the way every parent did, but I came to realize that it was a difficult feat for many.

Family dynamics are different, yet many go through the same challenges. No one is exempt from the newness of parenting. Some of the things that are very taxing on new parents are breastfeeding, formula feeding, colic, reflux, co-sleeping or not, scheduling family/friends visits, and the biggest of all, sleep deprivation. Parents struggle to make decisions due to a lack of sleep and limited knowledge at that time. Spending quality time together may hit the pause button for a bit while they navigate through the clouds of their unknown. Then and there, I thought I could help parents live life to the fullest while integrating their babies smoothly into their lives and have lots of fun while raising them. That's where the Marvalous Mindset dream was born.

The Marvalous Mindset is about bringing “Calm to the Chaos of Parenting.” As your knowledge of your newborn deepens, your confidence will soar. You learn to block out the distractions and attend to what’s at hand, which helps you tap into your intuition and look within for answers. It begs the urgency to stay focused on the small daily successes so that you become stronger with the long haul ahead. Through my Marvalous Parent Chats, we can explore where you are in your journey, learn more about the Marvalous Mindset and work together to get you to your desired parenting sweet spot.

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